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Coca - colonization

9 It is also worth noting that a Spanish drink called "Kola Coca" was presented at a contest in Philadelphia in 1885, a year before the official birth of Coca-Cola. Retrieved December

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The Advantages of Mp3 Players

Many MP3 players can perform other tasks in addition to playing music, Some features available on high-end MP3 players include the ability to play videos, run the applications browse the Web, These

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Three Dreadfull Days

I'm well aware that there are only three steps between our own beloved Regnalka and. Believe me, Regnalka, whatever thou mayest have done, we have surely done the same ourselves - if

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a revolutionary militant? But doesn't one indeed lend to the unconscious horrors that could only be those of consciousness, and of a belief too sure of itself? These breaks and cleavages take time, and their extension is very wide-ranging. Content to be objective, merely objective: they know that desire clasps life in its powerfully productive embrace, and reproduces it in a way all the more intense because it has few needs.

Oedipus Schmoedipus (Santiago bilingual) post (4 min showreel


These questions have been analyzed in depth by Jean Oury. Quam bene parentis sceptra Polybi fugeram! A woman is not a 'model' anything. Questions that are less concerned with why this or that than with how to proceed. We still have not exhausted all the paralogisms that lead the practice of the cure in the direction of a frenzied oedipalization, a betrayal of desire, the unconscious closeted in a day nursery, a narcissistic machine for arrogant and mouthy little egos, a perpetual absorption. Lacan explains well how, in terms of the crises and the ruptures (coupures) within science, there is a drama for the scientist that at times goes as far as madness, and that "would have no way of including itself in the Oedipal apparatus, unless. AH sexuality functions in tenns of the conjoined operations of machines, their internecine struggle, their superposition, their interlocking arrangements. The unconscious is totally unaware of persons as such. Everybody is a neurotic, down to the last man and woman. Perhaps it is even for this reason that it arrives from without; they suffocate its inner potentiality, at the cost of the dysfunctions that constitute an integral part of the functioning of their system. This essential aspect of the regulation performed by the State is even more readily understood if one sees that it is directly based on the social and economic axiomatic of capitalism as such. In the second place, the modality of these factors: did they act in a negative, privative fashion, by mere frustration?