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History of Chemistry

Herdsmen, brewers and vintners used fermentation techniques to make cheese, beer and wine. Royalty and privileged classes still sought to discover the philosopher's stone and the elixir of life for themselves. 32

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My Personal Perspective on Gods Faith

Wright, an American sociologist and author, asserts that apostasy is a unique phenomenon and a distinct type of religious defection in which the apostate is a defector "who is aligned with an

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Notes on Action Research Project

M Detailed manual covering design, administration and analysis. O'Connor, and Susan Vernon Gerstenfeld from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester,. If your discipline or field of study isn't included you should be able

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus

respiratory Syncytial Virus

season and who either attend child care or have one or more siblings or other children younger than 5 years living permanently. A., Erdman., Grijalva. Treating RSV, fortunately, most cases of RSV are mild and require no specific treatment from doctors. This will include a lung evaluation and possibly oxygenation status, using pulse oximetry. Lung inflammation can be quite serious in infants, young children, immunocompromised individuals, or people with chronic heart or lung disease. RSV season when outbreaks tend to occur is the fall to the end of spring. Premature infants born at 28 weeks gestational age or less who are younger than 1 year chronological age at the start of the RSV season; once treatment is initiated, it should continue throughout the season and not stop at age 1 year. Management, supportive care is the mainstay of therapy for RSV infection. Avoid hot-water and steam humidifiers, which can be hazardous and can cause scalding.

These complications can occur when the compulsive Shopping virus spreads to the lower respiratory tract. Urinalysis, oxygen saturation, specific tests for RSV may be indicated for therapeutic decision making, isolation of patients, and educating parents and staff. BMJ 2004; 328 : (1 May). Symptoms of RSV include : runny nose coughing sneezing sore throat mild headache decreased appetite fever wheezing, rapid breathing and other breathing difficulties irritability and decreased activity in infants short, shallow and rapid breathing in infants blue color to skin (cyanosis). RSV can cause severe infection in some people, especially premature babies, older adults, infants and adults with heart and lung disease, or anyone with a very weak immune system (immunocompromised). These include: Congested or runny nose, dry cough.