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Sophies World by Jostein Gaarder

Supplemental materials may not be valid. So when my friend Sophie comes over we go by Dophie and Pophie. Have been called Sophia a few times, which also irritates. Sophie Lane Nolte

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Concealment and Disguise in Twelfth Night

Notice also the imagery of weeping in 'salt water' and 'mine eyes will tell tales of me'. Malvolio wants to become great despite the logic of his birth and death. Maria

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A Cruise Never Forgotten

Grab a coffee and a pen and start planning your list for your cruise. I wanted to talk to this guy, but I wasnt confident he was interested in me and wondered

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China and the One Child Policy

china and the One Child Policy

up homeless or in orphanages, and in some cases killed. This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. Citizens living in rural areas and minorities living in China were not subject to the law. But that expansion is petering out, and more people are living longer, leaving a greater burden on a shrinking work force.

The birthrate in China is low and its population is aging quickly, so from the policy point of view, its a good thing, as it will help combat a shortage of labor force in the future. Deng and other leaders concluded that Chinas growing population threatened to stifle economic growth. There are about 113 boys born in China for every 100 girls. But many parents simply dont have the economic conditions to raise more children.

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Couples can now apply to have a second child if their first child is a girl, or if both parents are themselves only-children. While China's population is now rising more slowly, it still has a very large total population (1.3 billion in 2008) and China faces new themes of Macbeth problems, including: the falling birth rate - leading to a rise in the relative number of elderly people fewer people. In all, there were more than 33 million men than women in China in 2016, making it difficult for men of lower socioeconomic status to marry at all. Abolishing the one-child policy would increase labor supply and ease pressures from an aging population, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, which enforces the policy, said in a statement issued after the party meeting. Han Chinese represented more than 91 percent of the Chinese population. Now, the party leadership has acted more forcefully, apparently in the hope that a burst of children will replenish the nations work force and encourage more consumer spending. Said Sun Bing, 34, the owner of a small technology store in Beijing, who had his 2-year-old son by his side. Gradual increase to two children per mother. Even with the new two-child policy, the population is expected to decline starting in the 2030s. But whatever became of the population bomb? Now, about 10 percent of the population is 65 or older, and according to earlier estimates, that proportion is likely to reach 15 percent by 2027 and 20 percent by 2035. China does not have enough young people to support the aging demographics, and due to a preference for boys, men of marrying age outnumber women.

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