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Sociology - The Family

Exogamy What do sociologists call the tendency to marry someone from a different background? Boys Who are more likely to be negatively affected by their parents' divorce? G.P Murdock defines the family

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Blade Runner and Human Consciousness

In Blade Runner it's a bit hard to say how or if Deckard changes significantly. How Science Became God In Blade Runner (External link) An examination of Tyrell and his fellow scientists

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Federalist No. 10 and 51

78 is written by Alexander Hamilton concerning the judicial branch. How does Madison define faction? When compromise within the new federal government becomes impossible, what is to prevent the competing interest

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Small Town Warfare

small Town Warfare

to try to breach the resistant castle walls. In a contemporary poem titled The Song of Caerlaverock, Walter of Exeter, a Franciscan friar, chronicled the entire event, from the gathering of troops and materials for the siege train to the assault with siege engines. The most practiced soldiers followed traditional protocol, which encouraged honorable negotiation and surrender before an attacker pummeled the garrison into submission. Johns sappers were soon undermining the southeastern corner of the huge rectangular structure and filling the tunnel with the usual flammable items. John then waited out the barons, who finally surrendered due to fatigue and hunger. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 8th, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and. Despite suffering several deaths, the garrison remained defiant, and the siege continued for some twenty-four hours.

Organized groups of spearmen or javelin throwers were not used. Truces effectively delayed a full-blown assault, so that the constable could contact his lord for directions on how to handle the situation or to gain assistance at the castle. (September 2009) Barbarians edit Thracians were regarded as warlike, ferocious, and savagely bloodthirsty. They became obsolete once the most powerful siege engine of allthe trebuchetbegan to dominate European sieges. Such battles, however, were the exception, for during the Middle Ages warfare was a much more complicated affair that more often than not involved siegecraft. They also began constructing siegeworks or a siege castle, sometimes called a countercastle, in preparation for a prolonged conflict. They later formed one of the most important nationalities in the Roman army, contributing up to 20,000 troops at any one time to auxiliary units during the early empire. Archers, crossbowmen, gunners, and armored knights manned upper levels, firing at the castle defenders while waiting to pounce upon them when the drawbridge dropped onto the curtain wall. The castle must have been a formidable foe to precipitate such an extensive and expensive undertaking. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Sony has not revealed how many PS3 users are playing the game over the PlayStation Network. At times, attackers threw javelins or shot crossbow bolts at the castle gateway to signal their intentions.