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Tom Sawyer Analitical

(The entire section is 463 words.) To continue reading, start your 48-hour free trial ยป Topics for Further Study (Novels for Students) Research white Americans' attitudes toward Native Americans in the

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The Writers Favored and not Favor Slavery

But the record is mixed. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow. Begin

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Louis Armstrong and Contemporary Popular Music

Yokosuka Arts Theatre, Yokohama, Japan. Leonard Bernstein "Bernstein's music is cross-over without compromise, a corpus of work that simply had." The Independent. In April 1941 Decca launched the Sepia Series, a 35-cent

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Managerial Responsibility for Ethical Leadership

managerial Responsibility for Ethical Leadership

ethics and social responsibility. BUS 365 Creativity Innovation 3 Credits This course focuses on creativity and innovation as a process in organizations. Students will also be introduced to many types of interpersonal, intra-group, inter-group, and organizational interventions that are used to effect comprehensive and lasting changes. Students study behavioral concepts, motivation, and the role of consumer behavior in our society. BUS 250 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Credits, this course explores philosophic perspectives for understanding the meaning of corporate responsibility in society, and considers the leadership roles of managers in implementing corporate and social responsibilities. BUS 430 Finance Seminar 3 Credits Using readings and case studies, students gain understanding the types of analysis performed and decisions made by the financial managers of corporations, focusing on valuation concepts and managing for value. BUS 317 Introduction to Advertising 3 Credits, this course is designed to introduce students to the field of advertising as a promotional force with emphasis on institutions, planning, strategic practices, and tactical decisions made by advertising executives. The very practices that made incumbent firms successful in managing sustaining technologies may actually prove to be debilitating while managing disruptive technologies. Or return to the More For Small Business Home Page. Emphasis is on the companys ability to build and sustain a competitive advantage utilizing traditional management concepts as well as new sustainability practices.

It explains what the Internet is and how it can be used for business applications in a competitive environment. The importance of differing cultural and political assumptions in business is also addressed. Emphasis is on providing the student with the knowledge and tools necessary to help families make informed financial decisions. Taking into consideration socio-political structural differences, the multinational corporation is investigated with applications in management, finance, marketing and operations. The course also addresses HR strategies and practices to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency as well as international compliance problems faced by HR professionals. At the core of a successful innovation strategy is a great product concept. This course applies statistical and quantitative tools and the methodological approaches commonly used by economists to business problems as demand estimation, product pricing, profit maximizing level of output, cost minimizing level of input use, and forecasting. BUS 336 Marketing Strategy 3 Credits, the objective of this course is to advance the students ability to develop, implement, and critically evaluate the marketing strategy for a product or service. BUS 631 Integrated Supply Chain Management 3 Credits Study and analysis of supply chain management for products/services and the dynamic interaction of companies within an integrated supply chain. BUS 368 Venture Capital Banking 3 Credits This course examines financing the start-up of a new venture, from bootstrapping with personal resources or bank debt to equity investment by angel investors or venture capitalists. BUS 697 Project Management Strategy 3 Credits This course focuses on application of managerial approaches necessary to align significant projects with organizational strategy. And it also supports your staff in knowing what kind of decisions are supported by the business.