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Sustainable Economy

Further, the aging workforce combined with the oncoming automation wave will create challenging labor markets and rising income inequality in future decades, according to recent Bain research (see "Labor 2030: The Collision

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Darwins Theory of Evolution

( Charles Darwin ) We will now discuss in a little more detail the Struggle for Existence. ( Charles Darwin, reminding his readers that they should always treat "obvious" truths with skepticism

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English Civil War

Parliament regained control of most of western England. The pretext, rather than the reason, of Fairfax's resignation was his unwillingness to lead an English army to reduce Scotland. Prince Rupert led a

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Ways to Protect Wildlife in Our World

ways to Protect Wildlife in Our World

exploitation, sport hunting of wild animals, overfishing, the illegal pet trade, circuses, wild animals used for comparison Between Marie Colvi entertainment, and much more. Support your local land trusts donate or volunteer for land trusts in your area that conserve important wildlife habitats and land for future generations. When vacationing abroad, be careful what souvenirs you bring back. While this may seem somewhat obvious, the fact of the matter is that the more money these charities receive, the more they can do to help conservation efforts around the world. Visit a National Wildlife Refuge, these protected lands provide habitat to many native wildlife, birds, fish and plants.

Clean up whenever you find discarded litter. Oceans may seem vast and endless, but human activity is impacting every part of our waters, putting the health of the oceans in jeopardy and collectively destroying five times more species in the oceans than on land with already 90 of all top marine predators. Image Credit: William Warby/Flickr user: wwarby, host a 'Call of Life' Screening. In addition to being a safe way of disposing of waste and a healthy alternative to pesticides, compost heaps attract many creatures which help an ecosystem thrive.

A Glympse Into the World of a Mad Man
The First Pitch of the 1919 World Series
How Canada Changed Because of World War II

We want to create a global sanctuary around the North Pole, and ban offshore drilling and destructive industry in who Settled in America and Why the Arctic." Protect Whales from Military Sonar "The use of military sonar poses a deadly threat to whales and other marine mammals." Adopt a Wildlife Acre. Help Stop Invasive Species "Invasive species damage the lands and waters that native plants and animals need to survive. Support bans on cruel sport and activities such as trapping and harassing. Take, for example, the Giant Panda - perhaps the most iconic endangered species. Sign petitions that protect wildlife, pledge your commitment, then help raise awareness by sharing the petition on social media.